Control Items

Incoming Materials

Aggregates, cement, reinforcements, steel joint rings, steel sheets, etc. must all be in compliance with standards and specifications. Deliveries are visually inspected and samples are taken for physical and chemical analysis testing.

Inprocess Inspections During The Production

  • 1 - Inspections of steel joint rings and steel reinforcing cages: • * Steel joint rings are checked for roundness & shape and welding • Check on NO. circum_Rft.& long bar have been installed in accordance with the design drawings roundness & shape and welding
  • 2 - Inspections dimensions of embedded steel cylinder in accordance with the design drawing
  • 3 - Hydrostatic pressure test on the embedded steel cylinder
  • 4 - Inspection of concrete during casting: • Several tests on the concrete are performed to ensure that it will satisfactory pipe. • Firstly concrete proportions according to the approved design mix are verified and concrete slump, unit weight and temperature are measured and recorded • Asset of six concrete compression test cylinders or cubes is taken from each day’s production from each mix are broken to verify the comp. strength at 3 & 7 & 28 days • Samples of concrete cylinders are taken to be chloride & sulfate tested for water soluble and acid soluble to ensure that concrete conforms to the specification.
  • 5 - Inspection of curing • After initial setting low pressure steam is injected within the mold to raise temperature rate of 22/ hours not greater than 66 • After de- molding the pipe placed in curing basin where it is kept moist. For a minimum • Of 72 hours.
  • 6 - Inspection of prestressing wire (high tensile strength): • In accordance with the design drawings
  • 7 - Inspection of insulating protection of steel ends
  • 8 - Inspection of mortar coating:
  • 9 - Inspection of insulating protection of concrete • Thickness of total dray film must be complied with manufacture’s recommendations & design drawings
  • 10 - Crushing Strength Test • Edge bearing test for RC pipes
  • 11 - Final Product Inspection

Quality Control, Environmental sustainability

Our commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability is guaranteed as we continuously advance and improve our workplace. Our Batching Plant comes equipped with controlled dust emission systems, allowing us to collect dust particles before reaching the atmosphere and ensuring safe environmental disposals. Another example of our commitment towards a healthy environment is our well-supervised internal and external coating operations. Our team ensures that all parameters and specifications are met before beginning to source new raw materials. Each of our products go through various checks throughout their production cycles and before final delivery to our customers. Our parent companies also adhere to stipulated quality control practices and undergo regular audits.